»Cat’s Concert«, 1635 by David Teniers the Younger.


»YELLOW MONOCHROME«, 2008 by A kills B.


“Distillation”, an installation with amplified sheets of melting ice by Dan St. Clair.


“Organism”, a combination of an organ concert and a time based lightshow, by John Dekron and Gonzales.


»Again and Again«, 2000 (in collaboration with Royal Philarmonica of Antwerp)


»Lapo cipolla«, 2005 by Sislej Xhafa.

Justice Yeldham (3).jpg

Justice Yeldham & the dynamic ribbon device (myspace/justiceyeldham),

Jamie Lidell and Friends.jpg

Jamie Lidell (myspace/jamielidell) and Friends (Gonzales, Mocky (myspace.com/mockyrecordings) & Pablo Fiasco) and


Gonzales Solo Piano (myspace.com/gonzpiration) live at Donaufestival.


Rehearsal of »100 Guitares« in La Réunion (2004).

»400 Guitares« in Paris (2005) and further video documentation. Composition and concept by Rhys Chatham.


Selection of various sound-artists and projects that are currently featured at this year’s Wien Modern Festival in Vienna.

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“The Robotics Project 2″, a device consisting of electrodes that when triggered, send a small shock to the positive and negative electrodes on either side of the arm muscles, forcing the arms and fingers to move. The device is connected to the guitar of Clinton Watkins. When ever a particular bar chord is played (acting as a switch), the external nervous system triggers the arm movements and creates a mechanical sound. By Hadleigh Averill performed with Clinton Watkins.

Bild 3.pngBild 4.png

“The Lightning Project” by Hadleigh Averill in Collaboration with Ryan Douglass and Medicine Man Wakiyan Sna Mani. Video.


Vollkontaktkonzert by Stefan Brunner, Michael Wilhelm and Daniel Lercher.


Work in progress, The Woods, Self Portrait 1997 by Chloe Piene.

Poetry Machine in Concert

Saskia v. Kitzling, Volker Kamp, FM Einheit, Jamie Lidell and David Link jamming at the Centre for Art and Mediatechnology (ZKM), Karlsruhe. Lyrics are generated live by David Link´s Poetry Machine. Watch a short video here.