“Le menuet”, 2012 by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel.

„Bags«, 2011 by Rayyane Tabet.

“Not yet titled”, 2012 by Christoph Weber. Concrete, foil.

»On the Museum’s Ruin (Morris-Hunt – Corbusier – Piano)«, 2010 by Liz Glynn.

“Shoe Box Sculpture 01-06”, 2011 by Matias Faldbakken. Poured concrete and paper.

»Inherited & Borrowed Types«, 2011 by Ruby Sky Stiler.

»Metal Urbain«, 2010 by Jim Lambie.

»X (Bremen)«, 2010 by Kilian Rüthemann.


»Concrete Boots«, 2005 by Sarah Lucas.

»Untitled (Chunks)«, 2004-2007 by Christoph Weber.


“Untitled (display)”, 2007 by Justin Beal in collaboration with Elad Lassry.

»Replicant«, 2006 by Kristin Posehn.


»Hallo Herr LeWitt«, 2010, public sculpture intervention by Jan Hoeft.

»The Worker of Tomorrow«, 2009 by István Csákány.


“Machine with concrete”, 1992 by Athur Ganson. The speed at which the cogwheels turn is slowed down by 12 pairs of reductors. The last cogwheel needs two trillion years to complete one rotation (video).


“Ohne Titel”, 2008 by Peter Wehinger.

»Style spiral 1«, 2009 by José Rojas.

»Project for a New American Century«, 2009 by Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins.

»Monument X«, 2007 by Tarek Zaki.

“Elf/Elf”, 2006 by Gottfried Bechtold. Eleven models of a Porsche 911 covered with a protective cloth casted in concrete.

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