Opening performance of »What it Does to Your City«, 2012 by Cyprien Gaillard. Video excerpt.

»Rock«, 2011 and »Tree«, 2001 by Ai Wiewei.

»Shavuot«, 2008 by Ohad Meromi.


»Outpost of Progress«, 2009, hermits bivouac, wool strings, tape, by Michael Höpfner.

»Lunch Break installation«, 2003 by Sharon Lockhart.

“si j’étais un charpentier”, 2008 by Briac Leprêtre.

eraser5.jpg hard.jpg

“Hard to explain” by Émilie Pitoiset.


Dymaxion map of the Earth” by Buckminster Fuller.


»Artiste sans tête«, 2007 by Etienne Joubert.


»Paysage Fantome – 3«,


»Laurent – 1« by Xavier Veilhan


»Gimme Gummi«, 2003 by Severin Hofmann, Leo Schatzl and David Moises.


»EMF Displacement« (2006) is a room sized sculpture of an electro-magnetic field realized for Locust Projects. The project consists of modeling the Electromagnetic field generated by the FPL substation adjacent to Locust projects. On view was a 10ft. X 12ft. sculpture placed on the floor. The field calculations were translated from computer model to physical dimensions, then built using the scale of the project room as a starting point. This way, the model was entirely site specific to LP, not only in subject but also in size and construction techniques. By Nick D Lobo.


“Raft” (128 Banana boxes) by Michael Marriott.

sculptureGOUGH1.jpg sculptureGOUGH2.jpg goughormond_European_Vacation.jpg

“Untitled” and “Untitled” by Stewart Gough, “European Vacation” by Stewart Gough in collaboration with Tom Ormond.

a_ansicht1.jpg a08_4_kl.jpg a08_5_kl.jpg

“Processual Minimalism” – a colony of forest ants constructing a hill. By Klaus Mosettig.

balogh.20060618202655670 copy.jpg

»Symbols 1« and »Symbols 2«, 2006. From the series »Tresholds And Gaps«.


»On-Site-Art, Schulhaus Bachtobel Zuerich«, 2002. by Istvan Balogh.

BALLY Kopie.jpg

Shoe system by Alfredo Häberli.

Eelko Moorer.jpg

Placebos, D.I.Y. overshue with instructionsheet, stickersheet and frame by Eelko Moorer.