»Obelisk«, 1983,

»Speybank«, 1999/2005 by Luc Deleu.


“Bewegliche Landschaft”, 2003 (aluminiumcontainer, partly replanted) by Lois & Franziska Weinberger.


“86 hours running container” by Luc Mattenberger.

EXCITATION_CARRIER.sized.jpg excitation_llorens_01.sized.jpg

“Excitation Carrier” – Two medical oxygen containers ready to use were offered to the public. Other than plain oxygen, one of them included male pheromones, and the other one, female pheromones. The chemical products used were androstenol and androstenone, synthetic pheromones widely used by cosmetics industry. Users could choose which option was more according to their will and consume it freely. By Ruben Santiago.


»Un jour«, 2007


»BankeRåt«, 2007 by Séverine Hubard.


“Saunabaari”, 2003. Petra-Maria Saarinen and Harald Melrose Turek have built a sauna including shower & changing room into a 10 x 8 foot portacabin. The portacabin was placed in the City Centre of Glasgow. The woodburning sauna-stove was heated up and the sauna was open to the public for one night only.


To Fill The Sky. A series of seven fireworks were set off within a metal container with a glass front, the dimensions of an average television set. When played back, the usual televisual distance is shattered, and the events appear to be happening inside the television itself, perhaps even the product of the television in breakdown.


The Adjuster. The angle of each of the four main structural pillars at BloombergSPACE was altered by 1° using giant cardboard tubes. By Gaia Alessi and Richard Bradbury.

127 copy.jpg

Meantime and Today by Darren Almond.


»Gott erscheint am Kopfkissen« from 2005 by Tazro Niscino . Containers are constructed around the statue at the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuelle Kunst in Gent.


White Noise, isolation tape.

tape 2.jpg

Distributeur, container, tape, tape dispensers.


Curtain Wall, inkjet print on fabric. All work by Simone Decker.