Young Guns”, 2005 by Frances Goodman. Video. Projector, Amplifier, DVD Player, 4 Speakers.


»Wind-drawing«, 1995. The ventilators are started one after the other forming pillars of wind rising up vertically from the floor.


»Conversation«, 2001. An electronic metronome swings with a certain Interval between the radio stations of two countries and alter nately cuts and reinstates electricity. By Finnbogi Petursson.

»Internet art, net art, and networked art in relation.« A collection of conversations and interviews (with: Isabelle Arvers, Marc Garrett, Benjamin Weil, Charlie Gere, Christiane Paul, Cory Arcangel, Jemima Rellie, Sara Tucker , Jon Ippolito and Dirk De Wit) gathered between February 2006 and April 2007 as part of an investigation into the relation between Internet art and the traditional institutions for contemporary art in the North American and Western European regions. By Karen Annemie Verschooren.


“Social Separation” by CarianaCarianne. “Social Seperation” is a series of letters written to and received from the Social Security Administration concerning a request for two social security cards and numbers. “Social seperation” was unsuccessful.

13 captured telephone conversations1.jpg

Two of “13 captured telephone conversations – all one minute long” (machine embroideries) and

Ground Plan.jpg

“Ground Plan” – the world as an architectural plan by Louisa Bufardeci.


»A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location)«, 2003 (3-screen video & sound installation, with images, text and transcripts of a simulated chat room conversation) by Raqs Media Collective.


»One Minute Communication – 3D« (2004) by Daniel Jackson. The sculpture consists of two aluminium spheres suspended in a glass and white enamelled steel cabinet. The spheres are in conversation. An artificial-life program controls the conversation which is relayed through the movement of the 2 spheres. The AI nature of the software dictates that the conversation will never be repeated – the gesture speed, the positioning and the length of movement are all determined by a combination of randomness and probability.


Stainless Steel Counter (10 of 9999).


House and 50 television sets all tuned to the same channel.


Private Conversations with Public Statuary. By Kelly Mark.