“On-Going Collection”, 2008 (garden solar lights, glass and wood showcase with permanent light) and “www.absolutecountdown.com“, 2008 by Noa Giniger.

»cross pulsecounting«, 2008 by Wojciech Kosma.

audio_monitors_2.jpg audio_monitors_1.jpg

“Audio Monitors” by Simon Blackmore. Resembling speakers, each monitor the sound levels in the space. When the the sound level is low led counters start to count up in seconds, displaying the amount of quite time in the space.

Bild 3.pngBild 6.png

“Lamp to be smashedby the 100th visitor.”,


“Objets oubliés – Arrangements télépathiques” and


“Ugly lamp covered by garbage bag” by Markus Sixay. Pdf.