“Graph”, 2008 by Sébastien Delire. Graph displaying the daily number of visitors of the exhibition.


»Cancelled Count«, 2003. The Cancelled Count clock is mounted on a motor which runs counter-clockwise at the speed of one rpm. Both the hour hand and numbers spin backwards while the second hand, which runs clockwise at one rpm, remains static.


»Forwards and Reverse« (2005) is a backwards running clock which is displayed beside a mirror. When viewed in the mirror, the numerals and clock motion run forwards in a coherent manner. By James Hopkins.


“Alpha, Beta, Gamma” by Joe Gilmore. The installation converts data from 2 Geiger Counters into sound.


Stainless Steel Counter (10 of 9999).


House and 50 television sets all tuned to the same channel.


Private Conversations with Public Statuary. By Kelly Mark.