“Composition with My Mother’s Spiritual Manual”, 2002 by Carol Bove.


»Free Basin«, 2000 by Simparch.

»A Rocket Named Vertigo«, 2007. A water kettle gets turnet into a rocket according to the prinziple of bottlerockets. The vessel has a total volume of 350 litres, filled with approximately 100 litres of water and 6,5 bar at the last try seen here. By David Moises.


»My Living Room Rug in Hyperbolic Space« 2007, by Alyson Shotz.


“Saunabaari”, 2003. Petra-Maria Saarinen and Harald Melrose Turek have built a sauna including shower & changing room into a 10 x 8 foot portacabin. The portacabin was placed in the City Centre of Glasgow. The woodburning sauna-stove was heated up and the sauna was open to the public for one night only.


“Sauna” (2005, cooking stove, 280x150x100 cm) by Gelitin.


»Hobbyhorse« (2006) testride by David Moises.


“Rigid chair”, is about finding a new contemporary answer in the category of wooden chairs. A reinterpretation of the traditional wooden chairs in Austrian farmer houses, that were handmade by skilled craftsmann two centuries ago. By Peter Umgeher.


A Full Folded Dictionary by Sam Winston. The sculpture contains no adhesive or binding and its shape is emerged from the 80,000 folds that went into it.