»Score Settling 5«, 2008 by Teresa Margolles.

»Berlin à fleur de peau«, 2010 (Installation of dust prints) by Nadia Kaabi-Linke.

»Sale Purchase and Steal Agreement«, 2008 (A contract that says that the work in question (the framed contract) will at some point be stolen by the artist or a third party assigned by the artist.

»L’orologio di Silvio Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi’s watch)«, 2008 by Alberto De Michele.


The B.Boys decline“, 2008 by Olivier Cazin.

prospects.jpg Sth-london-det.jpg

“Mount Fear – Statistics for Crimes with Offensive Weapon South London 2001-2002″ (Relief 1:3,000 (1m=3km) and 1:13.6364 (1 event per km2 per 13.6364) Greatest peak is at 44.8 incidents per km2 per annum) by Abigail Reynolds.


“5 Dogs – Schagen” from the series “Living Sculpture”.


“Police Cars – Adelaide” (A police car temporarily placed on every floor of a multi storey car park. To reduce crime.) By Harmen de Hoop.


»Something relatively expensive that will depreciate in value to $100 by the year 2008«, 2006


»A attempt to selflessly eradicate one’s individual identity«, 2006 by Jon Sasaki.


Portraits of Francis Bacon, Romy Schneider and Jonny Depp; part of the series “Phantom 00″ by Sonja Feldmeier. “Phantom 00″ resulted from the collaboration of various people of different age, different background, cultural and social affiliation. Looked for were fans which, from their imagination, described the face of their idol. As original material served a digital photo archives which the Criminal Investigation Department uses to produce composite sketches.


»Geisterschloss« video by Oliver Laric.