Piotr Uklanski interviewed by Daniel Baumann (2005).

Harald Szeemann interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist (1996).

Kim Sooja interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist (1998).


»Paris was Yesterday« (2007) curated by Hanne Mugaas.

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»Records Played Backwards« (2008) curated by Daniel Baumann.


»Playlist« (2004) curated by Nicolas Bourriaud.


»The New Normal« (2008) curated by Michael Connor.

“You could really say these are also exhibitions. These are exhibitions which are not material, but which are more virtual, virtual in the sense of them always being able to be reactualized. They can be revisited and reactualized and updated, and they are also not related to a place. The exhibition can go to where the viewer is. Anybody in the world can download these formulas and pin them on the wall, or they can do their own and trigger their own formulas. We are in the very early days of understanding how the Internet can be used for exhibitions. For instance, there was Do It, where with e-flux.com, we developed an online project, where anybody who sees the instructions online can download them and can then send their feedback. They can send a photograph of their interpretation. And then, all of a sudden, we have many different possible interpretations of an artwork. It is the very early days, but I see a great potential for these digital exhibitions for my curatorial work in the next years.”

»A RULE OF THE GAME« (2008). A Talk With Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Hans Ulrich Obrist at the European Graduate School (2004).

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VVORK has curated a show for Galerie West in Den Haag titled;

Bad Beuys Entertainment
Chisa & Tkacova

The show will be running from 06/10/07 to 03/11/07. Opening is on the 6th, starting at 16:00 with an artist talk at 19:00.

Participating artists are Bad Beuys Entertainment (FR), John Michael Boling (USA), Christophe Bruno (FR), Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova (SK), Collectif-Fact (CH), Katerina Matsoukis (GR), Haroon Mirza (UK), Julien Prèvieux (FR), Arin Rungjang (TH), Damon Zucconi (USA).

There will be another artist talk/discussion on the 09/10/07 at 20:00 with Jeroen Bosch, Peter Luining, Marie Jeanne De Rooij and VVORK, hosted by Constant Dullaart.


C@C – Computer Aided Curating” by Eva Grubinger.