»Headhunter«, 2011 by Hadley+Maxwell.

»Untitled«, 2009,

»Untitled (Speakerbox)«, 2007 by Jedediah Caesar.

“La Déduction de Giovanni Battista”, 2011 by Raphaël Zarka. Plywood of birch and inks offset.

“Doing the Undoing”, 2010 by Nick Relph. Cotton, wool and dress form.

»Fond Farewell«, 2009 by Greely Myatt.

“Untitled”, 2006 by Roman Pfeffer.


»Clearing«, 2003 by Thomas Demand.


»The Smart Frrridge«, 2010 by Yngve Holen.

»Apple Hills (EFK)«, 2010 by Tania Theodorou / Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky.

»Untitled«, 2009 by David Rhodes.

»Nigel and Chris«, 2007 by Jack Strange.

»the insistence of distance«, 2010 by Richard T. Walker.

Krebber astrorock

Installation view from »Puberty in Painting« by Michael Krebber.


»Untitled«, 2005 by Tatiana Trouvé.

»Collage«, 2008,

»Collage«, 2008 by Liam Crockard

»Frames«, 2000-2008 by Latifa Echakhch.

»Rastavljena«, 1981/82–2007 by Sanja Iveković.

610-3356“, 2008 by Sarah Oppenheimer.


“Untitled”, 2007 by Gardar Eide Einarsson.

Picture 6.png

»Eminent Domain«, 2008, installation consisting of a composition of weathered poster stacks covered with reflective foil, discarded plywood, flourescent lighting and various size holes drilled into the posters. By Nathan Peter.

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