La fisiología del gusto“, 2010, carious teeth and stainless steel tray by Adán Vallecillo.

“Rufen bis zur Erschöpfung (Calling to the Point of Exhaustion)”, 1972 by Jochen Gerz.


“Machine with concrete”, 1992 by Athur Ganson. The speed at which the cogwheels turn is slowed down by 12 pairs of reductors. The last cogwheel needs two trillion years to complete one rotation (video).

“Yes Future”, 2009 by Jérémie Egry.

CTM vital psigns pos.jpg CTM vital psigns neg.jpg

»Vital Psigns« is a social experiment that seeks to address individual mind power and the potential for human/plant communication. By the Center for Tactical Magic.


»Trial of Judas With Constant Reference to Dorothy Retallack«, 2007, tomato plants exposed to the infamous judas priest record, played backwards and forwards. By Tony Romano.

judasreverse.jpg judasnormal.jpg

Reverse play and normal play (3 weeks later).

Picture 7.png

»Digital Decay series« are animations of the process of continuously saving image files in lower quality formats, over hundreds of times. By Claire Evans.


“Vanités” by Pierre Vanni.


»Luftpost« (2003) and


»Rhizome« (2005) by Johannes Vogl.

nepbloemen.jpgnepbloemen afgefikt.jpg

“Fake flowers going bad” and


” ..boyz rule..” (in collaboration with A. Kruithof) by Jaap Scheeren.


“Nadine” One photo a day for a year.


“Ninth Ward” Family photo album found near a destroyed home in the Ninth Ward neighborhood, New Orleans. By Kevin Trageser.