»Removing Mountains« by Daniel Shea.

»Across the Universe 2000«, 2005 by Natalie Czech.

»State Britain«, 2006 by Mark Wallinger.

»Demonstration«, 2003, a mass demonstration lasting 2 hours with approximately 30 people demonstrating “nothing”. By Kelly Mark.

»Demonstration 5«, 2007 by Jacob Dahlgren.

»Throw Down«, 2007 by Josey Hale.

»NO TO BAD THINGS« by Mathew Sawyer.

»Thrown Voices (Corporate)«, 2007 by Scott Nobles.

»twenty vague picket signs« by Alexandr Skarlinski.

»Anarchitekton (Osaka)«, 2004,

»Arabian Stars«, 2005 by Jordi Colomer.

»On the Question of the Political Exhibition«, 2005 by Dmitry Vilensky (Still from Protest Match video, 2006).


»Pain of the world«, 2006 by Li Wei.


»The Extras«, 2005-2006, video 13 min. The stars of the video are extras, background performers used in the crowd scenes of films and television series. In the video, an invisible director is telling the Extras to take various positions and formations. The Extras’ reflective clothing and signs they are holding symbolise their work as a background surface, a collective mass whose only purpose is to spotlight the main events and stars. In the background of the video, a voiceover is reading the Extras collective feelings about absurd shooting situations. By Szuper Gallery.

8-1 Kopie.jpg

»The Extras«, Sunday, October 16, 2005. Performance with 20 Extras, 3 speakers, 2 directors, 3 cameras, 1 photographer, Mylar placards and banners, held at the square strium of Vancouver public library. By Szuper Gallery. Video.


»Book Space«, 2006. 2000 white books installed in public libraries. They can be borrowed for a week and used as the guest choses. The books travel around libraries in different countries.

3.jpg 6.jpg

»Taking Time«, 2006, posters around the streets of Reykjavik city centre by Elin Hansdottir.


“Kilometers of blank audio tape” – Installation/object consisting of 750 blank audio tapes. The common leght of all tape makes 101 kilometers and 300 meters – an approximate distance between main Vilnius’ and Kaunas’ exhibition spaces.

bald3.jpg bald2.jpg bald1.jpg

“Bumsteinas plays Baldessari sings LeWitt”. Video. Documentation video of the real time instrumentation of John Baldessari’s voice performance of Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art. See also: João Onofre and John Baldessari.

still alive 2.jpg still alive 1.jpg

Video “Still Alive”. All Projects by Arturas Bumsteinas.


“Chromatische Aberration” by Eno Henze,

trafo1.jpg trafo2.jpgtrafo3.jpg

Videosynthesizer “Trafo” together with Joreg.


Dance Steps Painting Diptych ”The Technical Vocabulary of an Interior Decorator”, 


 ”The Falling Leaves of St. Pierre” and


“Make it with you: Slow Dance Club” in collaboration with Assume Vivid Astro Focus by Los Super Elegantes.