»Untitled«, is an online audio exhibition curated by VVORK, and part of the »7 by 7« series at Whyandwherefore.com.


»Thought Bubble (oh god(Nietzche’s mum(Joke)))«, 2004

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»Bible«, 1997. Every word in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order and printed. By Rory Macbeth.

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»Attempts to apply Pareto principle«, 2007 and

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»Here and Elsewhere«, 2008. Stripper pole coated with a description of a striptease scene encoded in Braille alphabet. By Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova.

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vvork twitter” a project by Guthrie Lonergan.


»A cube Sol LeWitt photographed by Carol Huebner using nine different light sources and all their combinations front to back back to front forever« (2000) and »Altered to suit (Sol LeWitt incomplete Cube 5–9, 1974)« (2004) by Jonathan Monk.




»Until we kiss again« by Mauricio Guillen.