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»Disorganiser«, 2007 by Jaka Železnikar. See also »Website-Shredder« Mark Napier.


»Suspension« is a video constructed from a destroyed rescan of fashion magazine ads and a video self-portrait, is a meditation on the implicitly narcissistic nature of desire within a commodified context.


»Residual Light (still)« and »Drift (still)«. All videos by Anthony Discenza.


»Grey Area« (12 Atttempts to hide in an office environment) from 2001, »Fuck It Up and Start Again« (One guitar smashed and mended 7 times) from 2001 and »Individual Features Removed« from 2004 by Sofia Hultén.


»Events With Unknown Outcome« shows various objects (beer crates, a blanket, ball and plastic bag) in the park surrounding the last border watchtower still standing since the GDR in Berlin. Sofia Hultén secretly videotaped whatever happened to the objects from the vantage point of the tower.