Still from “Buster”, 2011 by Kate Gilmore. Video.


“Die Schmetterlinge essen die Bananen”, 2010 by Marcello Maloberti. Video.

The last scene from »Offret (The Sacrifice)«, 1986 by Andrei Tarkovsky.

»Untitled (Vandalized Paintings)«, a slideshow by Lance Wakeling.

“Destroyed Public Sculpture”, 2001 by Nedko Solakov. Video.

“In-between the Noise” by Brian Reed.

“si j’étais un charpentier”, 2008 by Briac Leprêtre.


»Tallaght/Dublin« by Lilli Kuschel.

Picture 22.png

»Untitled«, 2006, incinerated laptop by Maria del Carmen Montoya.


»Tower«, 2008, by Aids 3D.

tn_48.jpg tn_51.jpg

“Fireworks 15.03.06” by Sandra Kranich. Video.


Video still from “White House” by Lida Abdul.


»Big Crunch Clock« (2005) is a digital clock that counts backwards the five billion years left before the sun explodes. It has 20 numbers: from the billions of years to the tenths of a second, and it is designed to be able to function with solar energy – the same energy that will one day destroy it. By Gianni Motti.

eraser5.jpg hard.jpg

“Hard to explain” by Émilie Pitoiset.


ABC (Art Business Consulting) group

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“Untitled 1″ (broom sweeps floor every second) and “Untitled 3″ (graphite disc is thrown every hour at 17 minutes past the hour) by Piero Golia.


»Artist Keys Car«, 2005. A performance by Mark McGowan wandering the streets of South East London and randomly keying cars.


»Artist Eats Fox«, 2004. In a private at home performance, Mark McGowan ate a fox which caused widespread controversy. He said that he was trying to bring to the attention of people the plight of crackheads. Stating that a million people marched for foxes and a million people marched against foxes, but what about the crackheads who is going to march for them. He described the roast fox, as quite tasty, although he admitted to nearly vomiting at times.

nepbloemen.jpgnepbloemen afgefikt.jpg

“Fake flowers going bad” and


” ..boyz rule..” (in collaboration with A. Kruithof) by Jaap Scheeren.

EnoughRope1.jpg  EnoughRope2.jpg  EnoughRope3.jpg

Enough Rope – wooden table, fruit copper, zinc, wires, motors and cutting tools. By Jo Coupe.


»Grey Area« (12 Atttempts to hide in an office environment) from 2001, »Fuck It Up and Start Again« (One guitar smashed and mended 7 times) from 2001 and »Individual Features Removed« from 2004 by Sofia Hultén.


»Events With Unknown Outcome« shows various objects (beer crates, a blanket, ball and plastic bag) in the park surrounding the last border watchtower still standing since the GDR in Berlin. Sofia Hultén secretly videotaped whatever happened to the objects from the vantage point of the tower.

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