A device from the »Fire Painting« , 2010 performance by Sanela Jahić.

»Tread-Wheel« and »Inverting Sucktion« by Sam Zealey.


»Playing Piano« (2008) is a stripped down, altered and refashioned piano with the addition of microprocessor-controlled machines and appropriated old piano rolls. By Marla Hlady.


“Untitled Rhythm Machine” by Andreas Berlinger.


»Stone and Stone« (2007) by Henrik Menné.


»Untitled (Headset)«, 2007. A pair of headphones is altered so that one earpiece becomes a microphone, picking up its own sound from the speaker and creating a continuous feedback loop, which is disrupted by attempts to listen closer.


»Nothing (for Robert Barry)«, 2007 (Power-bar, electronic pest control devices) by Dave Dyment.


TV remote control” by Philippe Kindelis. The TV remote control uses the principle of water displacement and the conductive properties of water to connect different cables. It highlights principles and processes that the user can interact with. Part of the project “Order & Chaos”.


Twelve-hour drawing on a piece of paper by Eivind Søreng Molvær.


“Pixelfactory” (Video) by Kenishi Okada.


»Sonic Transmutation«, 2004 by Kevin Bewersdorf.


Facade Printer” – An air pressure system prints precisely color dots computer-guided to a facade. Types and simple picture are printed like this dot by dot from a distance up to 15 meters. By Martin Fussenegger and Michael Haas.


Sportscar motor rotating at around 800 revolutions, reduced to 33 revolutions by a gearbox, playing records on a turntable mounted to the engine block.


Bicycle playing a 7 inch record mounted to the back wheel. Both projects by Alexander Laner. Further vinyl based projects: Helmut Smits and Jeroen Diepenmaat.

potrc objekti.jpg

Power Tools by Marjetica Potrc.