»Family«, 2002 by Keren Cytter.

»WATER IN MILK EXISTS«, 2008 by Lawrence Weiner.

Seth Price interviewed by Maurizio Cattelan.

David Shrigley interviews Jonathan Monk (2006).

Harm van der Dorpel chats with Damon Zucconi (2008).


»Pianorama«, 2005. An old fashioned upright piano sits in the middle of the space. There are two small loudspeakers on top of it. A mechanical device (which plays the piano), sits on top of the keys. Out of one loudspeaker comes Janet’s voice and out of the other comes George’s. These voices are discussing what type of music might be appropriate for what seems to be a film they are planning. By Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.


“Best…flame war ..Ever” by Eddo Stern. Video.