departure board 1.jpg

»Dictionary of Imaginary Places« 2006, is a site specific intervention at Ljubljana international airport. During the current expansion of the airport terminal the six line messaging service of the departure board has been modified to a twelve line, and a test program is being run every night to establish the capabilities of the old mechanical messaging service. In order not to confuse the remaining night time passengers with recognizable destinations, the developed software was set to automatically upload names from A. Manguel’s and G. Guadalupi’s Dictionary of Imaginary places which cites over 1.200 entries of imaginary cities, islands, countries and continents restricted to: no heavens or hells, no places in the future, none outside the planet Earth and no pseudonymous places. By Jasmina Cibic.


“Frequency of use typeface” – a typeface based on each letters frequency of use in the English dictionary, letters with the same frequency are paired by colour. By Samuel Bebbington.


A Full Folded Dictionary by Sam Winston. The sculpture contains no adhesive or binding and its shape is emerged from the 80,000 folds that went into it.