“White Hand”, 2011 by Nir Harel.

“o.T.”, 2010 by Benjamin Hirte.

»godney.jpg«, 2011 by Laura Brothers.


“Rejected Products”, 2002 by Brandon Lattu.


“TTB 02:00, untitled”, 2008 and


“TTB 03:00, untitled”, 2009 by Cieslik und Schenk.

»The Queen of the Jungle (If I Had a Gun)«, 2007-08 by Vahid Sharifian.

From the project “Poster company” by Travess Smalley and Max Pitegoff.

From the series “Abs7racts” by Jason Matthew Lee.

“37586 (Geostational Earth-Orbit)”, 2009 from the series “Time & Space” by Achim Horn.

“Digit” (Video), 2006 by Julien Maire.

»birch1.png«, 2009,

»forrest.png«, 2009 by Charles Broskoski

»Woodshed«, 2008 from the Colors Preceding Photographs series by Damon Zucconi.

»Artificial Sunset«, 2008 by Allison Wermager.


Standard Time” by Mark Formanek in collaboration with Datenstrudel: 70 workers are building a wooden 4 x 12 m “digital” time display in real time.


twice over“, 2008 by Tyler Coburn and Benjamin Farnsworth. Video.


“Screen, cold #22” from the series “Screens, cold”, 1997/2003 by Günther Selichar.


From “crushrmx_.20”, 2008 by Julien Ducourthial.


Flipped clock“, 2008 by Thomson & Craighead.


»Beautiful Times«, 2006. The clock only shows selected Beautiful Times. The categories are mirroring (22:55), repeating (7:07), up- or countdown (12:34 or 5:43) and turning around (6:09). A Beautiful is displayed as long as it takes till the next one. The clock is synchronized with a normal clock. By Yasser Ballemans.

Picture 2.png

»Null Event (Tomorrow): 12:00 AM Local Time, Continuously«, 2006. Countdown, simulated LCD. A timer which reaches “000:000:00:00:00:000″ (years:days:hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds) at the start of the next day. By Damon Zucconi.

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