„Real Snow White«, 2009 by Pilvi Takala.

“Aurora Borealis (Marlon Brando, Neil Young and Pocahontas)”, 2009 from “Appendages” by John Transue.

»Troubled Winnie«, 2008, inkjet and acryl on canvas, by Pierre Bismuth.


»Disney Couture«, 2007-1937, and


»Paramountains«, 2008 by Kari Altmann.


»The Jungle Book Project«, 2002, is a multilingual re-composition that plays on the universality of Walt Disney in 1967. Pierre Bismuth created a new soundtrack, based on 18 translations chosen by each character in function of the resonance of each language.

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»In the Name of Kernel!« flight recording series by Joan Leandre.