“Open Book #7 (Light Years)”, 2011 Anne Collier.

»Centre Régionale de la Photographie, Douchy-Les-Mines«, 2010-2011 by Claire Chevrier.

»From Morning till Night«, 2011 by Kateřina Šedá.

»Picnic with friends and hand-painted cloth in Beijing«, 2009 by Lee Kit.

»Rassenköpfe«, 2009 by Markus Proschek.

“The one I shall now describe, if I can…”, 2011 by Cynthia Daignault. Oil on linen.

“Passive design”, 2009 by Markéta Othová.

»Vasarely Foundation«, 2008 by Leon Chew.

Evening Drawings“, 1996–2004 by Dag Erik Elgin.

“Open Book #6 (George Platt Lynes)”, 2011 by Anne Collier.

Still from “Kings of the Hill”, 2003 by Yael Bartana. Video.

»March Fourteen« (diptych), 2007 by Akram Zaatari.

Players“, 2010 by Pilvi Takala. Video excerpt.

“NEMESIS Rocket Body in Orion (Discarded rocket from Satellite Data System Spacecraft; USA 179rb)”, 2008 by Trevor Paglen.

From the series “Surfaces” by Matthieu Gafsou.

From “Royal Caribbean Cruise Line“, 2006-2007 by Luis Molina-Pantin.

“Taking measures” (installation view), 2010 by Ignasi Aballí.

»Paysages d’Italie«, 1992-1993 by Thibaut Cuisset.

“New Haven, CT”, 2004 by John Lehr.

»BOOKSHELF«, 2010 by collectif_fact.

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