»Grey Still Life II«, 2009 by Egill Sæbjörnsson.

»Grijsblok«, 2007. A book consisting of evenly spread black and white dots. By shifting them slightly a pattern emerges. New patterns emerge constantly but the grey value stays the same. By Luna Maurer.


“Positioneringssysteem Pictura” and


“16 days on 44Ëš N, 18Ëš E” by Willem Besselink.

op092circuit3_01.gif op092circuit3_02.jpg

»Circuit No. 3 of a Regular Octahedron Type«, 2002


»Brain Waves Drawing«, 2006


»Stone-Arrangement Painting on the Board No. 3 of 35 Points by 35 Rows«, 1999 by Hideki Nakazawa.


»D, E, G, A« by Aleksandra Domanovic.

jeff_koonst_three_ball_total_equilibrium_tank copy.jpg

»Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank« by Jeff Koonst and »Methamphetamine« by Damien Horst from the »Saetchi Collection« by Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak.


»Smartist« is a independent mobile robot that replaces an artist. It lives in the exhibition area where it moves freely and and occasionally writes the signatures of Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak on the gallery floor.


»Private Stages«. Collages by Peter Freitag. Amateur photographs of nudes are taken from the internet and obscured with the application of “dots” that are made with punchhole irons using the colours and structures from the original image. The process of manipulation remains visible on the image plane with dots and circles forming a recognizable silhouette of the vanished nude, undermining the original intention of the images through a simple process of interference.


Felt-Tip Print made by repeatedly balancing a single A1 sheet of paper on the nibs of a set of Pantone pens.


Necklasp is made up of the functional elements of a necklace normally concealed at the back of the wearer’s neck. Neckclasp can be fastened / unfastened at any point along its length. By Daniel Eatock.


Arranged marriage by Melvin Galapon.