»untitled«, 2004/06,

»untitled«, 2004/06,

»untitled«, 2004/06 by Setareh Shahbazi.

“Correction #59 (Check Minus Check)”, 1981-2011 by Amanda Ross-Ho.

“Portrait of Ignacy Julian Cejzych”, 2011 by Liudvikas Buklys.

Evening Drawings“, 1996–2004 by Dag Erik Elgin.

»19:30 stacks«, 2011 by Aleksandra Domanović. The stack on the right is freely downloadable as a PDF.

“Town Studies (One-House Town)”, 2005 by Janice Kerbel.

»Invisible Man«, 2010 by Jan Freuchen.

“TA-KU-NA-HA” (Exhibition view), 2011 by Thomas Julier.

»Clear Coordinates for Our Confusion«, 2008 by Julieta Aranda.

»Vermeer Book«, (Pencil on paper in bound book), 2010 by Ciprian Mureşan.

»Selenography II« 2010-2011, drawn reproductions of photocopies by Jenny Åkerlund.


»Density Drawings«, multiple moments photographed during the making of a drawing, by Katja Mater.


“Untitled”, 2008 by Per Dybvig. Coloured pencil on paper.


»Gibellina«, 2008 by Raphaël Zarka.


From the series “Items for possible videosets“, since 2009 by Stefan Panhans.


A still from »if…so…then«, 2006 by Gabriella and Silvana Mangano.


“Cabrini Green Forest (Portal)”, 2004 by Daniel Roth. Framed drawing, fibreglass sculpture, coloured water.

»Between a tree and a plastic chair«, 2010 by Vanessa Safavi.


“Figure 2 (Context, Past, Present, Future)”, 2009 by Falke Pisano.


»Part I, Mushrooms, No. IV«, 1974, from »A large number of mushroom prints in a collection called Natural History« by Cy Twombly.

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