»Rhythm«, 2001. Five people are filmed standing on a stage while making the christian-orthodox sign of the cross, repetitively, following the techno music beat.

»Death Anniversary«, 2004. A hired serbian dirge singer, performing at Marcel Duchamp’s grave. By Vladimir Nikolić.


“Movement #1913–2007” by Michael Gumhold. See also “Readymade Recycled” by Michael Marriot.

mondrian Kopie.jpg

»Mondriananalysis« 1994, is an attempt to make Mondrian more popular. In a consultation clients have their personalities analysed through birthdate-generated Mondrian pictures.


»Ready-Mades On Wheels« 1993, an attempt to make “classic” modern sculpture. By Olof Olsson.


“Readymade Recycled”. Marcel Duchamp homage, a re-interpretation of his first readymade, Bicycle Wheel, 1913. The bicycle wheel has been replaced with a light fitting, to make an adjustable reading lamp or bedside table that incorporates a surface for a book and a glass of water or wine.


“ChipChopSliceServe”. Chopping / serving platter which, after cheese, doubles up as ping pong bat. Projects by Michael Marriott.