»Points of View«, 2008-2010 by Jason Mena.

»Versions«, 2010 by Oliver Laric.

»Untitled (Chunks)«, 2004-2007 by Christoph Weber.

»Replicant«, 2006 by Kristin Posehn.


»After-War«, 2009 by Kristina Norman.

„Real Snow White«, 2009 by Pilvi Takala.

»Parthenonandonandon«, 2009 by Ellen Munro.

»Prolégomènes à toute image pliée (Introduction to all folded images)«, 2009,

»Tête de Méduse«, 2009 by Benoît Maire.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (Tokyo) 1953 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (New York) 1989 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (Washington) 1943 by Auguste Rodin.

»The Burghers of Calais«, (London) 1911 by Auguste Rodin.

»Trophy (from The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin)«, 2009 by Arild Tveito at Institutt for Degenerert Kunst.


»Song of Solomon«, 2006 is an aleatoric audio collage, an 8-channel audio installation that samples many versions of ‘Mbube’, aka ‘Wimoweh’ aka ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, in a sonic tribute to the song’s dead author Solomon Linda. By Julian Jonker and Ralph Borland.

»La ascensión«, 2005 by Jorge Macchi.

»4xDoublefixed / Classic Aluminium«, 2009 by Sinta Werner.

»www.thirtyfourparkinglots.com«, 2008 by Pascual Sisto.

»Made in USA«, 2005 by Merlin Carpenter.

»Kerze.gif«, 2009 by Timur Siqin.

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