»Prolégomènes à toute image pliée (Introduction to all folded images)«, 2009,

»Tête de Méduse«, 2009 by Benoît Maire.


»371 Grand«, 2006 (Five cast alloy keys from Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York made using the method of key duplication deployed by the F.B.I.) by Claire Fontaine.

StrachanWater2 copy.jpg

Natural Body Water. Throughout the year 2002–2003 Tavares Strachan collected all of his urine, distilled it, purified it, and bottled it for consumption. The custom bottle label includes all nutritional information.


Survival Kit, Multiple (Edition of 35). This kit consists of hand blown glass elements, metal instruments, and instructions for turning one’s own urine into purified drinking water.


The Problem of One Thing Existing Simultaneously. For this work Strachan duplicated an arbitrarily broken beer bottle piece-by-piece, transforming bits of trash into remnants of displaced matter and time. He used a found broken Budweiser beer bottle as a template to laser cut a duplicate broken bottle piece which rest side by side with the original.