Future Solutions“, 2012 by Wyatt Niehaus.


»Birds«, 2008. Video by Elodie Pong, where globalisation and the state of the world economy are debated by stuffed birds.


»Transeconomia Real«, 2007 by Marcelo Cidade.


Variable Risk Landscape“, 2004 by Dalibor Martinis.

“Management Leisure Suit”, 2001 by The Yes Men. Video.

“Marka”, 2008 by Société Réaliste. Bronze, 500 x 50 mm.

“Crise 1929” from “A la recherche du miracle economique (Looking for the economic miracle)”, 2006-2007 by Julien Prèvieux.

Bild 15.png

»Oil Painting Self Portraits Made In China«, 2007 by Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen.


“The Fountain of Prosperity” (2007) by Michael Stevenson. “The Fountain of Prosperity” is a reconstruction of the “Moniac”, a machine designed in the late 1940s by New Zealand economist Bill Phillips to illustrate the concept of monetary flow in national economies. A fixed volume of red-dyed water, representing money, is pumped through a system of transparent tubes and sluices into clear chambers representing factors such as “surplus balances” and “International Monetary Funds”.

Picture 8.png

»Anhedonia«, 2007, 90 min. In psychology, anhedonia is an inability to experience pleasure from normally pleasurable life events such as eating, exercise, and social or sexual interaction. It was also supposed to be the original title of Woody Allen’s 1977 film Annie Hall, but it was considered unmarketable. By Aleksandra Domanovic.

worldmap_bigbrother_alltogether_451x329x90.jpg worldmap_power4_451x329x90.jpg

»AMO Atlas Worldwide«, 2002, is the visual representation of existing official data to show political, economical and social trends. By AMO.


»Fundraiser« from the series »Digital Cocks«, 2002 by Matthias Herrmann.


»PPS (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Public Sculpture)«, 2002 originates spontaneously in urban environments: on streets, in courtyards, next to apartment towers, by garden fences, in apartment-block communities and neighborhoods. It originates as the result of the exchange and gift economies of the local population and is linked to the micro-economy and micro-ecology of relationships. It directly reflects economic wealth/poverty, personal taste, and creativity. PPS is a temporary form. It changes constantly through unloading, shifting, adding, removing, and so on. By Tadej Pogacar.


“my Real Estate Business” is an exact virtual replica of the alternative space pool exhibition space as a representation in Second Life. By Dirk Fleischmann.


»Untitled Project: MARKET (GENEVA)« by Conrad Bakker.

dheedene 1.jpg

Stefaan Dheedene bought a piece of furniture from the Billy series at Ikea. The day before the exhibition opening, Dheedene took Billy back to Ikea. He received the money he invested back. In the time before the opening the artist hired a carpenter who reconstructed the mass-produced Billy as a unique work of art. Using a slightly different wood, Dheedene’s Billy was born – almost the same as Ikea’s mass-produced version sold all over the world, but unique.


»Jordache ¾ Sleeve Snap Front Woven Shirt (Express Blue)« from 2003-4 by Zoë Sheehan Saldaña. Originally purchased on July 16, 2003 for $11.43 from the Wal-Mart store in Berlin, Vermont. The clothing was duplicated by hand, matching pattern, fabric and embellishments. The tags from the original item were sewn into the duplicate. The duplicate was returned to the rack in Wal-Mart for potential sale at $11.43.


»Power Trio« creates a sonic enviroment by mapping the fluctuations in stock prices of three music industry conglomerates to musical notes. See also NASDAQ Vocal Index.

Interview 360.jpg

Video still from »Interview«, 2003. A late night talk show interview is appropriated and spoken by mannequins and computer voices. By Andrew Demirjian. See also The Fuccons.

ressler Kopie.jpg

» / 777.« (2006) is an intervention at the main train station in Zurich and »Alternative Economics, Alternative Societies« (2004) is a series of billboards, posters and banners published in Bratislava. Both projects by by Oliver Ressler.

Ola Pehrson4.jpgOla Pehrson5.jpg Ola Pehrson2.jpg

NASDAQ Vocal Index” – The graphs of companies listed on the NASDAQ are transformed into music. Computer software converts the graphs to sheets of music, and the scores are presented online on a projection screen. By Ola Pehrson. Video.

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