“Constellation”, 2006 by Chu Yun.


“Light work nº 19″, 2007 by Carlos Coronas.

“Elective Affinities”, 2008 by Nick Laessing.


“Lily”, 2007 (paper, sand, soil, stone, plastic, electronic circuit and gold) by Agathe Snow.


“Solar Audio Bag” by Tonylight.


A fast rotatign LCD-monitor generates three dimensional phantom images which can be observed from all sides, without the aid of special glasses or the like. The image shown is a simple vector movie based on the novel »Flatlands« by E. A. Abbot, in which a square living in a two dimensional world receives a visit from a ball. This Spatial Vision Device is called »Hanoscop« in tribute to an inventor, Mr. Hanisch, who patented a machine based on similar principles in 1966


»The Flying Carpet« is a hovercraft powered by a leafblower.


The propeller of a marine outboard engine has been replaced by wheels, which make the »Independent Trailer« an autonomous vehicle.


»Spleen« is a freeze-frame explosion, an autopsy on motor and chassis that encapsulates the utopian fantasy of the overhauled scooter, driving off into the sunset.


»Das Schaukelhaus«.


A »Bonanzarad« has this name only in German speaking Europe. Teenagers, who invented it in the 60s in Long Beach and built it out of junk, never had the intention of constructing something faster or better than existing bikes, rather it was a pre-teen, Pop era status symbol. The many details and saddle seat evoked the feeling of riding a horse or an Easy Rider motorcycle. A playing card mounted in the wheel spokes created a motor-like noise, just as here, the chainsaw is used constructively. Through an alteration to the chain on the rear wheel, the vision is obtained, and the Wannabe‘s dream is realized…


By pedaling, electricity is generated that powers the motor for an electric wheelchair, that makes the »Healed Home Exercise Bike« move. The tachometer indicates the phantom-speed.


By controlling the suction of 35 burning cigarettes the »Cigarette Display« device can display simple graphics, letters and symbols. All projects by David Moises.


The garage opens itself in a reversed direction by using its two garage doors as static walls which make this opening function possible.


Robert Barta changed his sleeping rhythm in order to stay awake during the night and sleep the day a week before the show. During the opening hours people could see Barta sleeping under the glass and walk over him.


The steps of the ladder move up- or downwards due to the visitors` position. This movement, controlled by a motion detector stops after a short period of time. This principle of switching on an escalator is known from daily life and adapted to this simple aluminum ladder. All three projects by Robert Barta.