“Zeus playing” , 2007 emits a cloud of sparks when the metal rods oscillates, thus collide, due the action done by the visitor. By Antonio Barrese.


“Der Zermesser”, 2007 (Video) and


Wavesynth 2.0, 2007 by Leo Peschta.


“A Small Migration” by Shawn Decker.


“zgodlocator” (Video) by Herwig Weiser.

graphiteseq_01_mid.jpg graphiteseq_02_mid.jpg

“Graphite Sequencer” by Caleb Coppock. Video. Graphite conducts electricity. Two wires brush against the surface of a paper disk as it spins. The wires are connected to a simple electronic tone generator. When a line of graphite is drawn across the disk, connecting the two wires, a tone is heard.


»4-ever« 2006, (modified plug extension) by Chris Henry Clarke


»Sonic Transmutation«, 2004 by Kevin Bewersdorf.


»Space Junk Spotting« 2006, is a project composed of mechanical and programming equipment linked to a database at a U.S. government-owned space observatory; this database contains the fullest possible data on the extent of the pollution and presents remarkable scientific methods for determining the position of space junk. In this way, the wider Internet public is offered a folder of information about space debris, which is strewn across the popular three-dimensional interface Google Earth. The tactical potential of this catalogue is the possibility it provides for finding a creative and constructive solution to the problem of reusing material whose position in usable orbits is already determined, without the enormous initial costs that arise whenever rockets are shot into space. By Saso Sedlacek.


»Beggar 2.0« another project by Saso Sedlacek is a robot for the materially deprived in Tokyo. It is made of old electronics and computer spare parts. The original 1.0 was tested in Slovenian shopping malls where it is forbidden to beg, but no such rule was made for robots. The new upgrade version of Beggar robot made at IAMAS institute in Japan was tested in the beginning of July 2006 on Tokyo streets where begging isn’t really a frequent phenomena and where interface communication is ubiquitous.Video.


“The Abandoned Resting Zone of an Assistant Saint” by Herwig Weiser.

souche2.jpg  souche4.jpg

“Souche” by Vincent Kohler. Video.


Sound track generated from sounds of a defective hard disk. A sensor is placed on the hard disk that records sounds like vibrations. By Gregory Chatonsky. MP3.

EnoughRope1.jpg  EnoughRope2.jpg  EnoughRope3.jpg

Enough Rope – wooden table, fruit copper, zinc, wires, motors and cutting tools. By Jo Coupe.


tester by radian.


Electronic sounds combined with rough unprocessed voices, sung by common Ukrainian people: Zavoloka.


»Working Hard at Keeping Things Inefficient« by Andrew Kleindolph.


For the installation Enterraum, the artist-trio (Collectif-Fact) photographed details of the architecture. They then isolated the spatial elements and hung the individual pictorial planes one behind the other in the room.

loading copy1.jpg

Loading, Reliefs, Bubblecars and other video installations by Collectif-Fact.


“Beatbox” by Andy Huntington. Video.


»Flow Motion« is like a continuously changing painting, generated from a collection of 110 digital still images.


»Newtron« consists of a single modular unit from a large outdoor LED video display, like those normally seen in big sport and entertainment venues. It shows only the corresponding fragment of the image that would be displaying on the whole screen. Both projects by João Paulo Feliciano.