»Norwegian Waterfall Powering Chinese Waterfall«, 2010 by Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas.

The Idea of a Tree“, 2008 by Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

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“Lampada Taraxacum Modificata”, 2008 (“Taraxacum” by Achille Castiglioni, energy-saving LED light bulbs, solar panels) by Tue Greenfort.


»Power From Nature«, 2005 by Marjetica Potrč . Installation of self-sustainable technologies (solar panels and a hybrid wind turbine) at the rural community of the Barefoot College in Rajasthan and the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a high school for teenage mothers in Detroit.


Supergas” by Superflex. In 1997, Superflex installed and tested the first Superflex biogas system. The experiment was carried out at a small farm in central Tanzania, in co-operation with the African organisation SURUDE (Sustainable Rural Development). The plant produces approx. 3 cubic metres of gas per day from the dung from 2-3 cattle. This is enough for a family of 8-10 members for cooking purposes and to run one gas lamp in the evening.


“2 x 1000 WATT”, 2007 by Siegrun Appelt.


»Big Crunch Clock« (2005) is a digital clock that counts backwards the five billion years left before the sun explodes. It has 20 numbers: from the billions of years to the tenths of a second, and it is designed to be able to function with solar energy – the same energy that will one day destroy it. By Gianni Motti.


“Resonating-With-Light” (Video) by Edo Paulus is an installation that consists of multiple small electronic units in a natural environment with sunlight. Each unit collects solar energy and transforms this energy into a repetitive bouncing of itself onto a metal tube, thus creating a kinetic and acoustic reaction to sunlight.


“Scrollbars” (Video) by Edo Paulus and Jan Robert Leegte.

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Enough Rope – wooden table, fruit copper, zinc, wires, motors and cutting tools. By Jo Coupe.

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“The Robotics Project 2″, a device consisting of electrodes that when triggered, send a small shock to the positive and negative electrodes on either side of the arm muscles, forcing the arms and fingers to move. The device is connected to the guitar of Clinton Watkins. When ever a particular bar chord is played (acting as a switch), the external nervous system triggers the arm movements and creates a mechanical sound. By Hadleigh Averill performed with Clinton Watkins.

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“The Lightning Project” by Hadleigh Averill in Collaboration with Ryan Douglass and Medicine Man Wakiyan Sna Mani. Video.