Future Solutions“, 2012 by Wyatt Niehaus.

»AQUARIUM PROJECT«, 2010 by Pierre Huyghe.

»Potato Perspective« by Åsa Sonjasdotter.


“Sonicity”, 2008-2009 by Stanza.


Natural Disaster Concert“, 1984 by Die Tödliche Doris.


“Honey Neustadt”, 2006 by Hoefner and Sachs.


“8 lights, 8 speakers”, 2009 by Achim Wollscheid.


»RAF Menwith Hill after a rain storm. Yorkshire Dales, England.« by Steven Rowell.

The Idea of a Tree“, 2008 by Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler.

Fog sculptures by Nakaya Fujiko.

“Yes Future”, 2009 by Jérémie Egry.

Composition in Progress [c.i.p.]” since 2003 by Yuko Mohri and Soichiro Mihara.

“Evolving Sonic Environment”, 2005–2007 by Haque. An architectural experiment to construct an interactive environment that builds up an internal representation of its occupants through a network of autonomous but communicative sensors.

“The Land”, since 1998 by Rirkrit Tiravanija. The land project was initiated by Rirkrit Tiravanija and Kamin Letchaiprasert as a self-sustaining environment emerging from the artistic community.

From the series “Mountain with no name“, 2003 by Marine Hugonnier. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only the paths are given names by local inhabitants.

“Double helix swing”, 2006 by Ursula Damm.

“Garden of Eden”, 2007 by Wollle shows eight pedestals, each of which is covered with an airtight Plexiglas box. Via the internet, the latest air pollution levels in the capitals of the G8-countries are obtained. The system reproduces these levels artificially inside these boxes, each of which contains a lettuce that serves an indicator of the quality of the air inside the capsules.

“44˚”, 2008 by Tina Z’Rotz and Markus Schwander.


»Power From Nature«, 2005 by Marjetica Potrč . Installation of self-sustainable technologies (solar panels and a hybrid wind turbine) at the rural community of the Barefoot College in Rajasthan and the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a high school for teenage mothers in Detroit.


Supergas” by Superflex. In 1997, Superflex installed and tested the first Superflex biogas system. The experiment was carried out at a small farm in central Tanzania, in co-operation with the African organisation SURUDE (Sustainable Rural Development). The plant produces approx. 3 cubic metres of gas per day from the dung from 2-3 cattle. This is enough for a family of 8-10 members for cooking purposes and to run one gas lamp in the evening.

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