»Dr. Sidney Gottlieb’s Approval of MKULTRA Subproject #8 on LSD-June 9,1953« and » Joint Hearing- Select Committee on Intelligence- Project MKULTRA, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavorial Modification- Aug 3,1977 «, drawings from the Book, Volume 3: “The Most Fine Art of Redaction. A Primer In the Erasure of Grand Ideas.” By Gerald Edwards.


“Ghost” by Olivier Sidet. In this mirror the observer can see the reflection of his surroundings and yet he is never able to see himself.

chicken noodle soup Kopie Kopie.jpg

»Video as Suburban Condition«, 2007; two channel video installation. Video excerpt.

skier Kopie.jpg

»This is where we’ll do it«, 2007; is a series of inkjet prints of locations from YouTube videos, after having taken out the people who were in the video. Some of the locations come from the videos in Video as Suburban Condition, 2007. By Martijn Hendriks.


»lasso/II«, 2007


»bison«, 2007 by Harm van den Dorpel.


»Candy« by Derek Stroup.