»Love Me, Love Me Not: Changed Names«, 2010, a book by Slavs and Tatars with a selection of 150 cities within the artists Eurasian remits, that were renamed throughout history.

Just a Christian girl living in Istanbul,
Leaving behind her entire life.
In the real time world no one sees her at all,
They all think she’s fakin’.

Takin’ the silver and leavin’ the rest,
Set to flee into the night.
She has danced into the danger zone,
Where minority’s never right.

She can picture the future,
When Armenians take the stage,
Like Agassi, Aznavour, and Cher.

She’s Armenian, Armenian on the run,
And she’s fleeing but the flight has just begun.
She’s Armenian, Armenian on the run,
And she’ll fight ‘til the Hayastantsi are one…

»She’s Armenian« adapted from »She’s a maniac« by Michael Sembello from the »Hymns of No Resistance (Part II)«, 2009 performance by Slavs and Tatars.


»KanakAttack. Die dritte Türkenbelagerung?«, 2005 by Feridun Zaimoğlu.