Book Exchange“, 2010 by Warren Neidich.

»Replicant«, 2006 by Kristin Posehn.

Monument’s time sharing”, 2009 – monument exchange between the cities of Graz and Ljubljana. By IRWIN.


“All alone among the Stars” – Tree Exchange, primeval oak in The Netherlands and young oak from 13HA in Bialowieza Primeval Forest in Poland. By Marjolijn Dijkman.

abramov1.jpg abramov3.jpg

»Role Exchange«, 1975 performance by Marina Abramovic. This dual performance was executed in two institutions, De Appel Gallery and the Red Light District in Amsterdam. For the opening night of the artist’s exhibition, the prostitute went to the gallery, the artist’s working place, while the artist, assuming the role of a prostitute, went to the Red Light District, and set in the window, the prostitute’s working place.


»Lecture with actress«, 1997. For an evening of ideas between artists and philosophers about reality and fiction, Barbara Visser was invited to talk about her works. Instead, Visser employed a tall blond actress with no previous knowledge of her work to do the lecture instaed, equipped with and invisible earpiece, repeating what Visser was prompting in her ear.


»Boris«, 1991. One image from a series of photographs made in wax museums and dioramas. By Barbara Visser.


»free fotolab« (2004-ongoing) evolves from a public campaign, offering the development of 35mm films free of charge in exchange for exclusive universal image rights.


Still from »gercegin geri donusu /the return of the real« (2005). By Phil Collins.


»PPS (P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Public Sculpture)«, 2002 originates spontaneously in urban environments: on streets, in courtyards, next to apartment towers, by garden fences, in apartment-block communities and neighborhoods. It originates as the result of the exchange and gift economies of the local population and is linked to the micro-economy and micro-ecology of relationships. It directly reflects economic wealth/poverty, personal taste, and creativity. PPS is a temporary form. It changes constantly through unloading, shifting, adding, removing, and so on. By Tadej Pogacar.


Fruit & Vegetable stall” – Ivan Morison set up and ran a fruit and vegetable stall.


»Collected Neons From Art Spaces« by Arin Rungjang is an installation that incorporates neon lights collected from over twenty art spaces in Paris.


»Die Offene Bibliothek/The Open Public Library«, 1991 by Clegg & Guttmann.


In the intervention »Trial-Living in Slubfurt«, the loggia at the Place of Heroes in Slubfurt* is directed westward. Folding-stools, table and grill-ton are ready to use. Interested parties are given a key to gain access to the loggia nearby the monument against Fascism. The walls are painted in the prefered colour of the temporary user (*Slubfurt is an artificial word, a combination of Slub(ice, Poland) and (Frank)furt at the river Oder).


In the intervention »Pulheim Castling« two square areas (5×5 meters) are selected. One is located in front of the Pulheim high school. The other is located in front of the abbey in the district of Brauweiler, a distance of 5 kilometres. With the help of a professional archaeologist the sites are measured, meticulously documented and then their locations are exchanged. Road surfacing, grass, asphalt, bicycle stands, a piece of fence and garbage bins change location. The cobblestones and their white marking lines are clasped in a steel girder for transport. They are carefully re-aligned in their new location.


The portable park bench »TRASBA« was designed with two configurations in mind. In it’s furniture-configuration the TRASBA provides seating space for up to 6 persons. In it’s mobile configuration it rests on the shoulders of one strong carrier-person. It can be moved effortlessly over several kilometres. All projects by Christian Hasucha.


»The Pump of Anxiety« and »Misery and Happiness« taken from Rev. Luke Murphy’s »PowerPoint Art, Graphs and Relations: The Anxiety Graphs«. The graphs present a picture of unification and provide a home for free-floating anxiety by joining thought and feeling along sets of reputedly indisputable axes.


Tokyo Art Machine, selling works by European and American artists in Japan. UK Art Machine, selling works by Japanese Artists in the UK. By Yoke and Zoom.


Road rage by Yoke and Zoom.