»Trial of Judas With Constant Reference to Dorothy Retallack«, 2007, tomato plants exposed to the infamous judas priest record, played backwards and forwards. By Tony Romano.

judasreverse.jpg judasnormal.jpg

Reverse play and normal play (3 weeks later).

MANGAN doomdrum 20052.jpg MANGAN Elemental exposure 20031.jpg

»doomdrum«, 2005 and »Elemental Exposure«, 2003, by Nick Mangan.


»Tempest 1« and »Quantum 1«. These photographs are long exposures taken while playing video war games of the 80’s created by Atari, Centuri and Taito. By Rosemarie Fiore.


»Good-Time Mix Machine: Scrambler Drawings« also by Rosemarie Fiore. A connected gas generator and air compressor to buckets of paint and secured into the seats of a Scrambler amusement park ride. Once the ride is in motion, paint is sprayed out of the benches onto vinyl tarps placed underneath. The result is a series of enormous hypocycloid designs which recorded the hidden patterns created by the ride as it turned. Video.