“Axis of Silence”, 2009 by Sislej Xhafa. Black neon light.


Still from “Untitled RPG”, 2008 by JD Walsh. Video.


Video “Shadow Cuts”, 2010 by Martin Arnold.


»Neverland«, 2001. Michael Jackson’s eyes from his »Live from the Neverland Ranch« broadcast 1993. By Jordan Wolfson.

From the series “Red eyes (girls)”, 1999 by Paul Graham.


“Earthling 1, Respekt – Istanbul”, 2005 from the series “Earthling 1” by Warren Neidich.


»Morphotransformations«, 2006 and

image-2.php Kopie.jpg

»Optoshaker«, 2006, examines the technical process of image-presentation of thermionic monitors by making the skull vibrate, and thus the eye of the observer. Through interferences between the frequency of the monitor‘s image structure and the vibrations of the eye the presented freeze image changes. By Daniel Hafner.


Eye-drawings, “Augenzeichnungen”, (92-93) are drawings done directly with the eyes, without the slightest interference of the hands – the organ of perception being turned into the organ of expression. By Jochem Hendricks.

clearWaters.jpg artwork_images_138129_270396_steven-gregory.jpg artwork_images_107047_274186_steven-gregory.jpg

“Clear Waters”, “In the Midnight Hour” and “A Nod’s as good as a Wink ” by Steven Gregory.


»Impersonator« (2007) by Angelo Plessas.


“Sex Icon”, “Stallion” and “The Majestic Lodge” by Neil Rumming.

Xavier Veilhan

Light Machine exhibition from 2001/2002 by Xavier Veilhan at Gering Gallery.