»Slow Riser«, 2011 by Neil Clements.

»Points of View«, 2008-2010 by Jason Mena.

»Untitled«, 2006,

»Untitled«, 2010 by Pieter Vermeersch.

»Angle«, 2008 by Darri Lorenzen. A pole hung at an angle slowly rotates in the middle of a space. During a one-minute sequence, bright lights directed at the pole gradually fade out, pause, and fade back in. As the space becomes darker, the pole glows.


»Composicion 5 2005«,


»Composicion 6 2005« by Jose Manuel Ballester.


»Flow Motion« is like a continuously changing painting, generated from a collection of 110 digital still images.


»Newtron« consists of a single modular unit from a large outdoor LED video display, like those normally seen in big sport and entertainment venues. It shows only the corresponding fragment of the image that would be displaying on the whole screen. Both projects by João Paulo Feliciano.