From the series “Authentic Sources Furniture, 2011 by Clemence Seilles.

»Hologram/Chippendale«, 2010/2011 by Oliver Laric.

„Real Snow White«, 2009 by Pilvi Takala.

“Management Leisure Suit”, 2001 by The Yes Men. Video.

»L.A. Crash«, 2006 by Mirko Martin.

»Versions«, 2009 by Oliver Laric.

»DeTouch«, 2006 by Evan Roth.

»Birdshit«, 2007 by Dan Colen.

“Quick Standards”, 2006 (set of 4 emergency blanket taped on wooden sticks) by Gabriel Kuri.

»Untitled«, 2008, orange, mirror and fake orange, by Marijn van Kreij.

»Candy Glassware« (sugar glass window, wood frame, sugar, empirical cooking method), 2008 by Matthieu Clainchard.

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»CC Gallery« (2004). Photographic reproductions of works by internationally known artists, downloaded from the internet, printed in the original size and sold. By Yang Zhenzhong.


»Never Neverland«, 2005 by Julien Discrit.

Andy Warhol interviews Rafaël Rozendaal for SWAN NATIONALE issue 1, April 2007.


»Cosmos«, 2001. Two hundred empty video boxes are arranged on 40 linear metres of shelving. The jackets, borrowing from a very imaginary film genre, are all different, but each film is invariably titled Cosmos and made by Boris Achour. Each credit associates the most heterogeneous names: actors, artists, writers, philosophers, as well as close friends of Boris Achour. The title borrows that of a Witold Gombrowicz novel, self-described as “an attempt to organize chaos”. The piece is an adaptation of a novel in the form of a sculpture.


»getty images’ hollywood (phony)« by Joel Holmberg.


»On Stage« 2007, video installation, 4’53”, loop. By Collectif_Fact.


»On Leisure« (imitation grass, straight shaft gasoline grass trimmer, Mr. Zogs tropical scented surf wax) and


»Mien Fore« performance by John G. Boehme.


»7/8« taken from the series »Sponsoring«, 2007 (Selfportrait with $$$) by Thomas Mailaender.

handmadeshoes.jpg  Handcrafted BMX Frames.jpg

“Handmade Shoes” and “Handcrafted BMX Frames” by Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel.

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