“Conjs”, 2011 by Ricardo Basbaum. Iron, fabric, vinyl and audio.


»In the realm of the bidimensional«, 2008 by Marisa Argentato & Pasquale Pennacchio.


“Untitled”, 2009 by Giuseppe Gabellone.

“Fencing_orange#2”, 2009 by Gerold Tagwerker.

Exhibition, 2008 by Werner Feiersinger.

“Spartacus (Light)”, 2007 by Eva Grubinger. Flood Light, powder-coated steel, PVC-coated wire mesh. From the project “Spartacus.

»Grand Public«, 2008 by Christian Robert-Tissot.

“Touristes”, 2003 (Sweat-shirt imprints, cameras, extras) and

“L’Univers”, 2007 by Nicolas Milhé.


»Mirror Fence«, 2003 by Alyson Shotz.


»Joggers (postcapitalism section 9)«, 1999 by Frank Perrin.


»De mobiele volkstuin I«, 2006, installation by Annechien Meier.

aar05_big.jpg Terrain-KHAarau-2_big.jpg

“Finkenweg 9a” and “Terrain” by Daniel Robert Hunziker.


»Periphery II«, 2005 by Sirous Namazi.


»Revival Field«, 1990-1993. On eighteen square meters of ground in Pig’s Eye landfill in St. Paul, Minnesota, contaminated with cadmium and isolated by metal barriers, Mel Chin made a smaller circle divided into six zones comprising of various species of decontaminating plants (absorbing heavy metals such as zinc and the cadmium). Plantings lasted until the site was detoxified.

david-cotterrell.jpg  Reality2.jpg  Reality3.jpg

“Reality” – Fence produced as an easily assembled flat-pack. Fitted together quickly at any desired location with the minimum of disturbance. Advert placed in Property sections of three Hampshire Newspapers. By David Cotterrell.




»Until we kiss again« by Mauricio Guillen.