The Battle of Orgreave“, 2001 by Jeremy Deller. A large scale performance re-enacting a confrontation between the police and striking miners from the 1984–5 miners strike. Video.

»In Homage to Bruce Lee«, 2004 by Oskar Dawicki.

»Crystal Brass Knuckle (I am going to realign your chakras motherf*****)«, 2009 by Debra Baxter.

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Geographical Analogies # 3 (Yosemite National Park, Bronx, Central Park) and video “Desniansky Raion” by Cyprien Gaillard. Video.


Excerpts from »Door to Door«, 1997, in which the artist was hit and trashed by his neighbour. By Stefan Banz.


Fought Bill Gates in Guigu, USA, in May.


Fought Annan in New York, USA in Feb. By Xu Zhen.


Matthew Salacuse in Florida.