Installation, 2010 by Suse Weber.

“Popular commotion”, 2011 by Nathan Peter. Bitumen lacquer, enamel, canvas, tape and aluminum.

»First Woman on the Moon«, 1999 video by Aleksandra Mir.

»Six Flags«, 2007 by Andra Ursuta.

»The Coats«, 2007 by Viktor Man.

“Abstract”, 2011 by Nina Beier.

»After Electricity, the remains of a start«, 2007 (performance) by Yorgos Sapountzis.


Still from »One Second Of Silence«, 2008 by Edith Dekyndt.

»Can I Live«, 2004,

»Revolution des Alltäglichen«, 2009 by Alexandre da Cunha.

»Session_2_Flags«, an exhibition by Am Nuden Da.

»Atlantic Inclusion«, 2005, installation by Guðrún Benónýsdóttir.

»Stadia II«, 2004 by Julie Mehretu.

“Flashback”, 2006 by Philipp Messner. Lasered steel.

“Flags for peace”, 2003-2006 by Mariano Favetto.

»Flags«, 2008 by Oliver Musovik.

»TOP 50«, 2007 by Frederic Post.

“Farbtest, Die Rothe Fahne II”, 2005 by Felix Gmelin. Video.

»We Will Meet Again«, 2006 by Jan Nálevka.

Lost territories“, 2008 by Sa�o Sedlacek.


»Magic 8-Ball Icosahedral Die«, 2008,


»3d California Flag«, 2008 (made with models from 3d warehouse) by Guthrie Lonergan.

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