»Untitled (similar but fundamentally different)«, 2008 by Ariel Schlesinger.

“Flamme”, 2007 by Jan Bünnig. Fresh clay sculpture in motion.


»The inverted campfire series«, 2006, by Olafur Eliasson.

nepbloemen.jpgnepbloemen afgefikt.jpg

“Fake flowers going bad” and


” ..boyz rule..” (in collaboration with A. Kruithof) by Jaap Scheeren.

Water Flame.pngWater Flame 1.png

“Water Flame” by Jeppe Hein. Pump, gas, watertank.


Have a look at Paul DeMarinis’ works such as Firebirds. DeMarinis uses a scientific experiment from the Victorian era, in which Chichester Bell discovered that a membrane stretched over a gas flame produces audible vibrations in the flame, resulting in a kind of “flame loudspeaker”.