»Death In Dallas«, 2001 by Zoran Naskovski. A video installation, which sets newsreel footage of John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination with a mournful ballad about the tragedy sung to the accompaniment by the sounds of an ancient one-stringed instrument known a gusle. The inspiration for the piece was an unsettling audio recording, bearing the same title, which Naskovski found at a neighbourhood flea market in Serbia.

»Ashugh«, 2008 by R.E.P.group. For the performance on 6 Gyumri biennale in Armenia R.E.P. artists invited Ashugh, an Armenian folk singer and storyteller. He appeared in various public places in the city, singing about well-known performances and actions of contemporary artists.

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»Sacred Selections«, 2005 and ongoing, by Matt Stokes.


“Sans titre, still dancing on John Wayne’s head” by Bruno Peinado.


“Original peruvian carpet and digital project for musicians” and


“Plectrums” by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel.

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Balkan Erotic Epic is a multi-channel video installation based on Marina Abramovic’s research into Balkan folk culture and its use of the erotic. According to her, it is through eroticism that the human tries to make himself equal with the gods. People believed that in the erotic there was something superhuman that doesn’t come from them but from the gods. Obscene objects and male and female genitals have a very important function in the fertility and agricultural rites of Balkan peasants. They were used very explicitly for a variety of purposes. Women would show in the rituals openly their vaginas, bottoms, breasts and menstrual blood. Men would show openly in the rituals their bottoms and penises in acts of masturbation and ejaculation. Video excerpts: Men with Erections in National Costume, Women Massaging Breasts, Women in the Rain, Group of Men Copulating with the Earth.