“Sun-Lite” by Stefaan Dheedene. A flashlight and window-screens were installed. The flashlight is programmed to follow the sun around the clock. The screens served as a intermediar screen between the sunlight and the light from the flashlight.

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»Following the Right Hand of Janet Leigh in “Touch of Evil”«, 2006. For the duration of the film, Pierre Bismuth placed a pen, so to speak, in Janet Leigh’s right hand so that through her movements the actress produced a drawing on the screen.

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Origami »Tortue«, 2003. A ready-made origami is unfolded and doesn’t reveal any trace of its creation; every object keeps nevertheless name of the thing that the corresponding origami is supposed to represent. By Pierre Bismuth.


»the sound of music internet community«, 2005 taken from the series »off-line« by Kim Sanggil.