»Tiger Stealth« by Peter Sandbichler and Knowbotic Research is a re-engeneering and re-enactment of a stealthboat as shown in a Tamil Tiger propaganda video footage. The Tamil Tiger video footage was found on internet sites of private analysts of clandestine weapon systems. The boat, as supposedly financed by North Korea, shows the heroization of an attack boat patrolling river banks. The reconstructed boat was built using radar absorbing materials and powered by a simple electric motor. It succeeded in escaping radars as the stealth archetype.


»copy / past / time shift« from 2006 by Wouter Huis. Video footage recorded in the afternoon is projected on the same surface at night.


Neverland“. Michael Jackson’s eyes from his “Live from the Neverland Ranch” broadcast 1993.

Nostalgia is Fear“. An artificial snow machine randomly activates with or without the viewer standing in the headlights of the car. Works by Jordan Wolfson.