»CloudHouse«, 2005 by Nina Yankowitz. Cloud formations are made with an ultra high frequency sound wave generator that produces fine droplets of cold mist.

»Figure of Speech (Formation of a Crystal)«, 2009, computer generated diagram, dimensions variable, by Falke Pisano.

publicsquare.jpg publicsquare2.jpg

“Public Square” by Mischa Kuball . Video .


»Applied Geometry« (2004) and »The best circular bike ever made« (2003).


»Harness« (2006, A mouse cage mated with a music box. The compulsive energy of a running mouse generates Brahm’s Lullaby) and »Vacancy« (2006, altered toaster) by Robert Wechsler.


Urban Exercise On Formation. This work by Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber is based on the pictorial content of a photographic glass plate negative of the 1950s, multiplied by computer and arranged in “formations”. It speaks of the need to study and understand the formations of the external world and the need to abolish the myth of the “community of inner selves”.