“Italienerin II (nach Karl Geiser, 1943)”, 2010 by Michael Hakimi. Photocopies, MDF, lacquer.

“The Wizard of Oz experiment” by Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube. Video.

“Syncretism II”, 2011 by Jofroi Amaral. Bicycle crank guilded with gold leaf.

“D3VIN”, 2011 by Ed Fornieles. Speaker set, found images,
toy car, party debris.

“Contemporary Designs”, 2011 by Jacob Dahl Jürgensen.

“From Boynton’s Lookout the Author Photographs the Grandeur of Escalante Canyon”, 2011 by Christian Mayer. Wallpaper, honeycomb board with plywood.

“Post Anti-Bell Study II (Rosie)”, 2011 by Ruth Ewan.

Still from “Objects Perceive Me”, 2010 by Alexandra Navratil. Video.

Work In Progress“, 2010 by Gareth Long.

Detail from “Application To The Entscheidungsproblem”, 2010 by Frank Eickhoff.

“Abstract”, 2011 by Nina Beier.

“La parenthese de Sisyphe”, 2010 by Benjamin Valenza.

“Assembly Instructions (Tangential Logic)”, 2008 by Alexandre Singh. Framed Xerox collages and pencil wall drawing.

From the series “A Cage Went in Search of a Bird” by Sreshta Rit Premnath.

“Hang in there”, 2010 by Anders Clausen. Digital print, anodised aluminium frame.


“Banque Bannister”, 2010 by Hassan Khan. Copper, brass.


“The wall”, 2010 by Peter Sandbichler.


Stills from »The Clock«, 2011, 24-hour video by Christian Marclay.


Still from »The Time Machine in alphabetical order«, 2010 by Thomson & Craighead.


“Wilderness Storage”, 2010 by Eva Engelbert.

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