“Allochtone #8 and #11”, 2012 by Christian Mayer. Petrified trunk from Madagascar, approx. 200 mio years old.

“All Fish”, 2011 by Jack Strange. Plastic Bags, water, iPod Touch, video file with sound.

The Eating Gear Grinding Machine” from the series “The Sound of Images” by Niko Princen.

“Shelving for Unlocked Matter and Open Problems”, 2011 by Nina Beier.

“Forward”, 2010 by Ane Graff. Wooden branches, steel wire, acrylic paint, painted silk.

Installation “Reuters News Centre”, 1987 by Jasper Morrison.

“Wait, Sit, Converse”, 2009 by Vanessa Billy. Natural stone, water, plastic, concrete.

“Boiler”, 2010 by Kori Newkirk. Stainless steel, vinyl tubing, resin.

»Sushi«, 2010 by Anders Clausen.

Installation “One of Each”, 1993 by Karsten Bott.


“Portrait of a stone”, 2003 by Jimmie Durham. Stone, acrylic paint.

“The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes”, 2002 by Barbara Breitenfellner.


Drei Klavierstücke op. 11“, 2009 by Cory Arcangel.

“Stage Fight”, 2009 by Haroon Mirza in collaboration with Laura Buckley & Dave Maclean.

“Counsel”, 2005 by Douglas White. Vandalised recycling bins.

»Death In Dallas«, 2001 by Zoran Naskovski. A video installation, which sets newsreel footage of John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination with a mournful ballad about the tragedy sung to the accompaniment by the sounds of an ancient one-stringed instrument known a gusle. The inspiration for the piece was an unsettling audio recording, bearing the same title, which Naskovski found at a neighbourhood flea market in Serbia.

Curated by Alana Celii and Grant Willing.

“Lo Fi Wi Fi”, 2008 by Eilis McDonald.

»Monster Manual«, 2006 by Andy Graydon.

“Symphony for 54 Shoes” by Ingrid Bachmann.

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