“Volvic Architecture Milfina”, 2008 by Michaela Eichwald. Mixed media in resin.

“Janus (280 B.C – 2090 A.D)”, 2011 by Lloyd Corporation. Miranti, plastic flooring unit, plaster, terracotta cast with iron fillings.

“Used Belts”, 2006 by Michael Hakimi. Newsprint, belts.

»There Are No Perfect Games«, 2008 by Pravdoliub Ivanov.

“I Hope Tomorrow is Just Like Today”, 2008 by Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro.

»It’s Clinique Bonus Time«, 1991 by Silvie Fleury.

Ignacio Uriarte, »60 Seconds«, 2005

Jota Castro, »Time After Time (Miami Version)«, 2007


»I Want to be Welcome Everywhere, Always«, 2008 – ongoing (ceremonial keys to various cities) by Jon Sasaki.


“Palette”, 2007 (objet trouvé made out of mahogany, restored) and


“Printer” from the series “Stand by”, 2003 by Alicja Kwade.


“Piazza del Quirinale. Roma. 24.02.2007 (Mauve)” and “Via Di Porta cavalleggeri. Roma. 25.02.2007 (Dark blue plaid)” by Graham Hudson.


»Hot And Cold« by Dren Maliqi.


»What’s on the other side?«, 1998-2000. The aim of this project is to get a “sample of the opposite point” of a particular location, here showing the territory where land matches to land.

DET4.JPG.jpg DET3.JPG.jpg

»Children’s Museum«, 1997. After the excursion in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Vadim Fishkin asked the students, who ranged from 7 to 12 years old, to create their own “museums” in their own homes using things significant to them. He suggested that they arrange the objects on top of their beds and photograph the resulting installations with disposable cameras. The images, which were exhibited, are the photographs chosen by each student that best represent the message he or she wished to convey to the world


Urs Fischer.


»One Hundred Things With Handles« by Simon Lewandowski.


“The Invention of Public Relations”, “Optimism is a Force Multiplier ” and “The Joiner (after “Escaping Criticism”)” by Daniel Lefcourt.


telephone/daisychain and


Fantasie no. 1 for Mobile Pianos by Joseph Winter.


»Heaven is a place on earth« (Bathroomscales and aluminium) by Jacob Dahlgren.


»Newstand«. 36 Evening Standard posters collected from the 7th to the 24th of March 2003. By David Barbarino.